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New Live Video Screening of Yoga Classes

Learn yoga in the comfort of your front room 

Classes included : Seated Yoga, Yoga 4 Blokes, Mindful Yin Yoga Fundamentals.

Dates and times TBC.

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Welcome to 1-2-1 Yogatherapy

Stuart Robertson

Physical Education Teacher BEd Hons.

Physiotherapist MSc BSc (MCSP & HPC).

Yoga Teacher.

Mindful Yin Yoga 

Mindful Yin Yoga Course

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Next term :

7th Jan 2020

Tuesday evenings 7.00 - 8.00

St Thomas Church Hall., Lymington

'Stuart breaks down traditional yoga postures and encourages you to mindfully work with how your body is. The class is well paced with a different focus each week - maybe the breath and thorax, maybe the pelvis and hips. Stuart encourages you to gently identify and become aware of areas of tightness or stiffness in your body. He then guides you through a sequence of gentle, mindful moves before finishing in a yoga posture, adapted for your own comfort and ability......And, then, thees the fantastic guided mindful relaxation at the end.

I have been attending Stuart’s Mindful Yoga for a year now. I can really ‘feel it’ if I miss a class! Overall, my body feels stronger, I have a greater awareness of my posture, my immune system has been boosted and I always look forward to a great nights sleep following a class.

“Quite simply Stuart is brilliant at what he does!”

Stuart’s Mindful Yoga is a yoga class with a difference, where the teacher really understands the body, teaches about the body and aims for all to develop a mindful awareness of how your body is!

Stuart’s Mindful Yoga......”it’s the Mindful journey to the yoga posture......not just the ‘posture’

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Just when you thought it was time to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself.

Now is the time you need to work on your health and wellbeing more than ever! 

St Thomas Church Hall… 7th Jan Tuesday 12.30 -13.30 2020

Milford Community Centre….9th Jan Thursday 12.30 - 13.30, 2020.

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Sorry the yoga class for wine lovers is full!

The quieter you become, the more you can hear

Ram Dass

Charity Events

Congratulations to the seated yoga class, you raised £300 on 12th Dec 2019. An amazing effort considering the terrible weather! Many thanks for your kindness and generosity.

 As if not to be outdone the Tuesday mindful yin yoga class also raised £300 on 17th Dec. Amazing . Well done everyone!! 

As of yet I am yet to hear of any food poisoning following my very novice mince pies !!! xxx

Yoga 4 Blokes Half Day Workshop

At its heart, Yoga for stiff blokes is about providing a space for blokes with crowbars for hamstrings to get together , and learn how to loosen up parts of the body that are in need of WD 40. 

This practical and informative workshop will provide you with a road map to navigate your way towards a more balanced perspective on how you view your health and how you choose your mix of exercise.

Date : Saturday 25th April

Cost : £25

Venue : St Thomas Church Hall, Lymington

Resources : Podcasts, and videos to get you started

Future workshops : on completion of Introductory workshop

Low back hips and hamstrings

Chest neck and shoulders 

Physiotherapy and mindfulness combined

If you want to feel more energised, experience a greater sense of wellbeing, inner stillness and calm, sleep better, worry less, become more emotionally balanced, be more flexible in mind

and body, establish and nurture a greater sense of connectedness with yourself and those close to you, and rediscover a sense of purpose and direction then click below

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