1-2-1 Yoga therapy combining eastern philosophy with the scrutiny of western science

Stuart's 1-2-1Yoga Therapy Journey

My working career started with teaching PE, before retraining as a physiotherapist, which I have now worked as, for over three decades, and as a yoga teacher for just short of a decade. I have worked as a physio in international sport, been a clinical specialist in managing chronic pain in the NHS, and have taught thousands of therapists all over the world about a technique called 'myofascial release'.

It's this experience and knowledge that I have assimilated over the years that I bring to my yoga programmes and classes, that makes them so unique.

The health benefits that people can gain from establishing a regular yoga practice are huge, however, there can be an accessibility and safety issues around joining a yoga class. There are as many different types of yoga now as there are finger prints.

Many who are attracted to my classes may have tried joining a yoga class in the past but found it too challenging, too fast, or uncomfortable. Many who join my programmes have flexibility issues in certain parts of their body, various aches and pains they manage on a daily basis, some would be too self conscious to join in a class of super bendy people, or maybe yoga has never been on their radar!

For me education is a fundamental part to the yoga programmes and classes I run. Understanding the science as to why we do what we do, and the consequential benefits is really important to develop a sense of trust and safety within the yoga community I teach. The essence of a yoga practice is very simple; breathing , body awareness, connected movement, stillness, and postures.

What you learn on the mat I encourage you to bring to your day to day activities. So rather than compartmentalising ‘yoga’, as just something to do on a Tuesday night , breathing in a particular way when you meet some of your daily challenges may help you deal with them more effectively, or moving in a particular way helps you do the garden without being stiff the next day. Perhaps adopting a particular yin posture before going to bed helps with the quality of your sleep, and so on. Understanding the power of habit and the benefits of establishing healthy habit is enlightening. Thats why you clean your teeth morning and night, without thinking, you just do it. There is no negotiation , ’I can’t be bothered to clean my teeth tonight’, you just do it!

Discover what healthy habits you can establish , and have the energy to make them non negotiable too! The six week yoga programmes and mindful yin classes , keep you doing what you love doing for longer!