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Combining eastern philosophy with the scrutiny of western science

Age Well

Learning to manage the ageing process, so you can carry on doing what you love , for longer!

It's never too late to start.

Age Well Five Week Programme

​What will you learn about?

Wellbeing Science

We will cover the science of well-being, including current up to date pain and exercise science. Whilst the science is important,but what it looks like in real life is simple everyday choices.


We will identify habits of behaviour that either support or undermine your wellbeing. You'll find that there is a real energy and momentum to healthy habits.


You will learn new strategies to manage your well being, based on current evidence. You will need to be open to new approaches and new behaviours.

What works for you.

The programme will help you tune into your own health, to become your own wellness coach, learning to sense what you need and when you need it.

What will the practical element of the programme involve?

All five classes are primarily practical, they are safe, fun and relaxing.


Breathing in a particular way can really help calm the nervous system down , significantly reduce stress and pain.

Gentle 'stretching'

We will look at 'Stretching' from a different perspective, where the mantra is "no pain ...all gain!"

Movement and Exercise

Learning to move in a more effective way can help improve our strength, mobility, balance  and flexibility.

Active Rest

Active rest helps us restore our energy levels. We need to find a balance between doing and being on the go all the time and stopping and move into rest and digest mode.


Meditation can be used to calm the mind and body. It has been proven to have significant mental, emotional and physical health benefits

Body Awareness

What we are aware of, we are in control of what we are not aware of is in control of us!

Stuart : Programme Teacher

My working career started with teaching PE, before retraining as a physiotherapist, which I have now worked as, for over three decades, and as a yoga teacher for just short of a decade. I have worked as a physio in international sport, been a clinical specialist in managing chronic pain in the NHS, and have taught thousands of therapists all over the world about a technique called 'myofascial release'.

It's this experience and knowledge that I have assimilated over the years that I bring to the programme and classes, that makes them so unique.

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Make the most of what you love doing while you can!!