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Age Well Five Week 1-2-1 Personalised Programme

Learning to manage the ageing process, so you can carry on doing what you love , for longer!

None of us know what lies around the corner. In some ways our health and wellbeing can be seen as a game of russian roulette. A sense of what will be will be. 

However, what science shows us, is that we can significantly stack the odds in our favour, by making  simple healthy lifestyle choices.

Free no obligation 60 minute consultation - Find out if the five week individualised programme meets your needs and expectations.

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What The Age Well Programme Involves?

Free 60 minute consultation

What to expect?

Find out if the five week individualised programme meets your needs and expectations. 

The consultation will involve a detailed medical history, and physical examination. We also will examine the Four Pillars of Ageing Well, to see where your strengths and challenges lie:-



Staying Engaged 


Through this, you will also gain insight as to what will be expected of you, if you undertake the five week programme. We will also discuss which of the following interventions are likely to be used over the five week programme:-

Bodywork/Physiotherapy/ Massage/ Lymphatic drainage etc


Body Awareness




Wellbeing Science/Education

Changing habits of a lifetime, will most likely start small, with achievable goals. Something as simple as being better hydrated, or brushing your teeth standing on one leg, or a breathwork practice while sitting at the traffic lights on route to work. 

When you add up the small changes, then significant effects can be noticed in your wellbeing, and that will spur you on to make further changes.

Wellbeing Science Education

Understanding the reasons why and how lifestyle choices can impact on the development of such diseases as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, neurodegenerative disease, such as Parkinson’s, as well as of course ‘arthritic’ and chronic pain, is the first step in gaining some sort of control of the ageing process. An underlying link to all the above diseases and illnesses is chronic inflammation. An understanding of what  causes this phenomenon, and knowing how to combat it is fundamental to the strategies we can put in place to nurture our wellbeing as we age.

Working as a physio, I often notice that the experience of pain can and does have a significant knock on effect into the areas covered by the the four pillars of ageing well. People who experience pain , will most likely exercise less, have disrupted sleep patterns, feel less like socialising, and in some cases comfort eat. 

Most people come to see me with some sort of pain issues, although this need not be the case. But if it is pain, then it usually needs to be be seen in the broader context of chronic inflammation and stress. Exercise, diet, social engaement and sleep can all impact on chronic inflammation. Many of the people who come to see me for their pain will, usually end up sleeping better, exercising more effectively, develop better hydration or eating habits, and re engage with their passions.

To undertake the five week programme you need to be committed, motivated and open to change. Whilst the four pillars of ageing well are fundamental to the success of the programme, perhaps the biggest shift will come from reexamining your beliefs around your health and wellbeing.

The 'Back Facts' perhaps highlight a more positive way of looking at pain issues. Looking at what is possible.

Cost of Five Week Programme

The cost of investing in your health and wellbeing and undertaking the Five Week Age Well Programme is £200, if you book before jan 1st, 2023. Thereafter it will be £250.

Each year you will put your car in for its MOT and service. The older the car, I suspect the more work will need to be done. So if the old bangers I have own over the years are anything to go by, they will cost a lot more than booking yourself in for an MOT! What's more you will learn the skills to maintain and improve your wellbeing in the years to come.

Having a back pain might not be as limiting as you might think?

Take a look opposite at the research published by the the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Interesting isnt it? Not perhaps what you expected? Many of our beliefs around our experience of pain maybe at best misplaced and at times simply very unhelpful and limiting.

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Stuart : Programme Teacher

My working career started with teaching PE, before retraining as a physiotherapist, which I have now worked as, for over three decades, and as a yoga teacher for just short of a decade. I have worked as a physio in international sport, been a clinical specialist in managing chronic pain in the NHS, and have taught thousands of therapists all over the world about a technique called 'myofascial release'.

It's this experience and knowledge that I have assimilated over the years that I bring to the programme and classes, that makes them so unique.

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