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The science of yoga, mindfulness and physiotherapy combined

Mindful Yin Yoga Course 2020

Less is the new more!

Day : Tuesdays 2020

Time : 19.00-20.00

Venue : St Thomas Church Hall, Lymington

Invest : £7 per session in your health and wellbeing.

What is mindful yin yoga?

It incorporates four key elements :-

Movement with a focus on body awareness. This enables the mind and body to connect, and for movement to become more fluid.

The Yin Yoga postures help enhance a sense of calm, a place from where awareness can be more easily cultivated. The more dynanic yoga postures will enhance strength, balance, coordination and flexibility, through a greater understanding as to how your body moves.

A subtle focus on the the flow of energy in the body whilst in specific Yin postures can help unblock and balance various lines of energy or meridians, as used in acupuncture. The benefits of this can be physical, mental and emotional.

Mindful meditation, which can lead to greater clarity of thought, sense of purpose and stillness, both at the time, and in day to day existence.

Who it will benefit?

Those who are curious about how their body works.

Those who find it difficult putting their socks on in the morning.

Those who walk into a room, and can’t remember what they are looking for.

Those who have done yoga before and those who have not.

Those who play sport and those that may want to start.

Those who react rather than respond to stressful situations.

Those who find their quality of sleep poor.

Those with general or more specific aches and pains.

Those with a mismatch in their work life balance.

What benefits might you expect to gain by the end of the course?

To have developed a habit of exercise specific to you.

To be more aware of what parts of your body you need to continue to work with

To be more flexible, stronger, better coordinated and have a greater sense of balance, both physically and mentally.

To feel greater sense of health and wellbeing

To feel more in tune with how you are feeling both physically and mentally.

To have a greater sense of resilience in stressful situations.


'Stuart’s yoga class is gentle but very good. Stuart explains what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how it will benefit us at each stage of the class. I am feeling the benefits after just a few classes. I will certainly carry on and I wholeheartedly recommend Stuart’s classes to you.'

'After major back surgery , followed by a lot of pain and fear of exercising I joined Stuart's mindful yoga class. His calm , friendly and professional approach has given me back the confidence to move freely and safely. He is a great teacher and I really look forward to his weekly classes.'

'Stuart creates a calm and supportive environment, tailoring postures to suit your own requirements, yet still challenging you to develop.

He demonstrates excellent knowledge, insight and experience, clearly communicating how and why we are doing each posture.' 

‘I joined Stuart’s yoga class several years ago. Initially with the seated yoga and now with the main class. Classes are well structured and explained, with a relaxed atmosphere and one can work at one’s own level’.

'Stuart is a very good teacher,explaining and demonstrating each exercise.He keeps a 'watchful eye' on all the students making sure they are in the correct position and correcting them if they aren't!

It is a class suitable for all ages and abilities.

I thoroughly enjoy this Mindful yoga class run in a friendly and sociable atmosphere.'

'The Mindful Yoga Tuesday evening class run by Stuart Robertson is an excellent all round session of mindful yoga, Stuart's direction is friendly, clear and thoughtful, taking into account that not all of us are as flexible as we'd like to be! Thoroughly recommended by Ron & Sonja McCulloch.'

'Stuart integrates yoga; mindfulness with physiotherapy knowledge and skill. He develops classes that work on different areas of the body and that take into account the range and variety of abilities and possible injuries/issues that individual class members may have, whilst effectively working with the whole group.

He takes care to ensure each person is moving correctly and holding positions in a way that stretches them and is safe. Stuart explains in a visual way the anatomy of the yoga positions and mindful moves, which really helps you visualise things.

The classes are really enjoyable, relaxing and you feel safe to challenge your body. I noticed the difference in my flexibility and strength and great improvement with some joint problems that have been ongoing for a while.'

'I have been enjoying Stuart's Yoga classes for the last 4 years. They are fun and extremely beneficial, especially since I have changed my work and am now gardening with my husband and helps me to manage any aches and pains .The mindfulness that Stuart incorporates into his class is so relaxing and really helps to keep you focused and looking forward in life in a positive way. Stuart's vast knowledge on human anatomy and physiology is really helpful for any questions or concerns that are asked from people attending his class.'

'I have been attending Stuart’s yoga classes for a number of years now. It is an hour a week purely for me and I walk out feeling totally refreshed and relaxed. My flexibility had also improved and I have enjoyed the more stretching poses we have been tackling recently. I like that we work towards a pose, stretching and ensuring that we are more flexible and relaxed before attempting it. All in all I whole heartedly recommend Stuart’s classes to anyone who wants to try yoga in a relaxed and non judgemental setting but with expert tuition to ensure you don’t hurt yourself.'

'Very welcoming yoga class with excellent leadership'

'I thoroughly recommend this class for a good workout, it leaves you with a feeling of wellbeing'

'I had suffered with a spondylosis in my lower back and been seeing an osteopath for a number of months when he recommended that I should try a yoga class……………..that proved to be the worst bit of business he ever did because since attending Stuart’s yoga class on a regular basis, I have never had to go back to him and I am now genuinely pain free.

As a qualified Physiotherapist, with the use of anatomical dummies and In a friendly and supportive environment Stuart helps us to gain a better understanding of our own physiology and focus on yoga exercises, stretches and mindfulness to improve our posture, strengthen our core, free up our general mobility and support a general feeling of well-being.

On a cold, dark, winters evening when it would be so easy to cuddle up by the fire, it’s the one class that I’ve persevered with and seen genuine benefit from……would thoroughly recommend it.'

'Stuart breaks down traditional yoga postures and encourages you to mindfully work with how your body is. The class is well paced with a different focus each week - maybe the breath and thorax, maybe the pelvis and hips. Stuart encourages you to gently identify and become aware of areas of tightness or stiffness in your body. He then guides you through a sequence of gentle, mindful moves before finishing in a yoga posture, adapted for your own comfort and ability......And, then, thees the fantastic guided mindful relaxation at the end.

I have been attending Stuart’s Mindful Yoga for a year now. I can really ‘feel it’ if I miss a class! Overall, my body feels stronger, I have a greater awareness of my posture, my immune system has been boosted and I always look forward to a great nights sleep following a class.

“Quite simply Stuart is brilliant at what he does!”

Stuart’s Mindful Yoga is a yoga class with a difference, where the teacher really understands the body, teaches about the body and aims for all to develop a mindful awareness of how your body is!

Stuart’s Mindful Yoga......”it’s the Mindful journey to the yoga posture......not just the ‘posture’

'I enjoy Stuart’s classes for the thorough way that he explains the movements and objectives. It is this thoroughness that means I can relax and float away to that mindful place.'

'Stuart's class is well paced, working on flexibility and mindfulness. I like how there is a focus on one yoga position and the class is aimed at working up to this. Stuart always takes notice to ensure you are doing the various yoga exercises correctly. He is knowledgeable about the anatomy and explains things so you can make sense of what you are doing. It has definitely improved my posture and helps to ensure I do things correctly in other classes outside of Stuart's yoga class. I feel better for it!'

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St Thomas Church Hall, Lymington