1-2-1 Yoga therapy combining eastern philosophy with the scrutiny of western science

Mindful Yin Yoga

“Quite simply Stuart is brilliant at what he does!”

Learn to breathe, move and feel better


Body awareness

Mindful movement


Softening and lengthening


The six week programmes are mainly rooted in the physical. Breathing better, moving better and feeling better. 

The programmes are a prerequisite to joining the mindful yin yoga class.

The mindful yin yoga classes which many from the six week programme will join after completion of the programme, are a way of enriching the experience, an opportunity to explore beyond the physical, staying connected with the ethos of the six week programme with like minded people. A space to feel safe and secure, a chance to share and support, a space to grow and develop. A space for metamorphosis and transformation…… so what butterfly do you want to become??!!

Upcoming classes

Tuesday evening 

12th may - 16th June

19.00 - 20.00


The register buttons above takes you to a Zoom registration page. You will have to add your name and email address. You will then receive a return email to acknowledge your registration and details of how to join the class on the start date.

Closer to the time of the course starting you will receive another email with details of how to join the class, plus information on what you will need , such as cushions etc., plus links to educational material.

After completion of the first class you will receive an invoice for the six weeks, if you have enjoyed the class simply follow the payment instructions, if not then simply cancel your registration and disregard the invoice.

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