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Stuart's South West Coastal Footpath Walk For MND Assoc.

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Organise a walk with Stuart

Why not get a group of friends together to walk a leg of the SW Coastal footpath

Choose a date

So from the itinerary above you will see a selection of dates. Choose a date that works with you and your friends

Choose a walk

Take a look at the SW Coastal footpath 52 day itinerary and see what works for you and your friends

Confirm with Stuart

So once you have a plan in mind, get in touch with Stuart and confirm the details. Then advertise it on all your social media platforms to raise awareness ( and may be donations)!

[email protected]

07739 548276

Raising funds

Once you have the group sorted, then the serious business of raising sponsorship for the walk starts!! ( this is not a prerequisite but would be great if you could manage a few extra £££££s. Here is the link to the page to donate