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Stuart's 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy Dorset Retreat

Special offer : From June 2021: Half Price if you are enrolled on one of the yoga programmes.

Time away in a quiet, peaceful, tranquil setting, can give us the space to pause, reflect and hit the reboot button. All being well with our move, Jo and I will be very lucky, surrounded by beautiful countryside, where you can walk or cycle to your hearts content, then if you fancy a dip in the sea, the stunning Purbeck coastline is just a short drive away. So we will hopefully have the ideal space for getting away from it all.

Before we moved down from Somerset, some ten years ago, I used to run retreats for groups of therapists from all over the UK from our home in Batcombe. The plan is come January  2021, we will be in a position to run mini retreats at our home in Dorset, for people wishing to invest in their health and wellbeing. The accommodation we have for those coming for a retreat is a bedroom, a lounge area and then a studio for yoga or physiotherapy assessments /treatments.

The retreats will be three days/ two nights and will run from a Wednesday am/pm through to the Friday morning. The dates that we are putting aside for the first retreats are yet to be confirmed.

The accommodation will be B and B. 

The retreat components will be :-

A physiotherapy and yoga movement and breathing assessment.

A specific and individually tailored movement and breathing programme.

Two hands on holistic physio treatments.

1-2-1 support post retreat.

Accommodation : Single person two nights £140, Two people £200

Special Offer : Single person two nights £70, Two people £100

Retreat Treatment Package :Single person £160

Special Offer : Single person £80