Stuart's 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy

Combining eastern philosophy with the scrutiny of western science

Stuart's 1-2-1 Wellbeing Dorset Retreat

Are you seeking a greater clarity and understanding as to how best manage your overall wellbeing moving into the future?

Spend a weekend in and along the stunning countryside and coastline of Dorset, free from distractions as you work one-on-one with Stuart, a hollistic physiotherapist, yoga teacher and wellbeing coach, to develop an individualised wellbeing programme.

This is not a retreat based on yoga but a retreat based on you. It’s focus is on developing your understanding of wellbeing strategies specific to you, that will enable you to carry on doing what you love, for longer! These strategies will be based on an asssessment of your body awareness, breathing and movement patterns, and how they relate to your lifestyle, and to any pain you may suffer. The skills that you learn

can be practised in isolation, and then integrated into your day to day living.. Click here to see feedback from my last retreat

The accommodation is within a self contained area of the house with a bedroom, sitting room, study area, and access to both the yoga studio and beautiful garden.

The Retreat Programme

The retreat takes place over a weekend, from Friday until Sunday midday. In total, the weekend includes three one-on-one sessions, lasting from 60 - 90 minutes.

Generally on the first session, assessments are carried out, expectations explored and goals set. 

The second and third sessions usually involve some form of education, breathwork, movement, yoga postures, meditation and hands on bodywork/physiotherapy. 

At the end of the three sessions you will have a plan in place ready to get started on monday morning!

There is ample free time for reflection, relaxation, and exploration of the surrounding area. 

What could be included

Custom designed 1-2-1 wellbeing retreat


Body Awareness




Wellbeing Science/Education

Stuart Robertson MSc.BSc. Physiotherapy BEd(Hons)

Stuart combines Eastern tradition with Western science. He has worked as a physiotherapist for thirty years and a yoga teacher for just under a decade. At the heart of his work is education and the understanding of the individuals’ needs and concerns. His approach brings a greater sense of self awareness, clarity and sense of purpose to those wishing to invest time and effort in a path towards better health and wellbeing.

Potential logistics of the retreat, based on one person.

Arrive friday at 1.30pm

Retreat session 2.00pm - 3.30pm


Breakfast 8.00- 9.00

retreat session 9.00 - 10.00

Sunday breakfast 9.00 -10.00

retreat session10.00- 11.00

12.00 depart

The accommodation will be on Bed and Breakfast basis 

Dates for 2022

13th may - 15th may - booked

17th June - 19th June - booked

1st July - 3rd July - booked

23rd sept -25th sept - booked

7th Oct - 9th Oct - booked

11th - 13th Nov

18th - 20th Nov


Single person retreat including two nights accommodation bed & breakfast: £290.

Two person retreat including two nights accommodation bed & breakfast: £430.

Two person bed and breakfast, plus one person retreat: £330.

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