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Seated Yoga

Since the current crisis, I am really missing my get togethers with my seated yoga classes that I used to run in Milford and Lymington. So the next best thing is to run a virtual class which I have done…… after much struggle and torment with the technology, I now have 24 people signing into my live streamed seated yoga class on a tuesday morning. The response has been fantastic! I am planning on adding another class as well!!

I use zoom which is actually quite straight forward once you know the ropes. After we have done the class then I am able to divide the group up into smaller numbers and everyone goes off to a virtual room and has a cup of tea or coffee and cake, plus of course a good natter! We had a competition this week for the best decorated cake.

It would be great if you have an elderly relative that you could help to join. It really does make my day to see everyones’ beaming smiles. Of course the exercise from the seated yoga is great and the feeling of calm and relaxation gained post class helps in these anxious times, but seated yoga provides more than just that, its a way of keeping connected and sane, but perhaps most importantly gives everyone the opportunity to smile and laugh. Sending love Stuart

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Here are some of the ladies chatting about the benefits of seated yoga

Here is a recording of one of my classes

If you cant make it onto the live class then this would be the next best thing!