1-2-1 Yogatherapy

The science of yoga, mindfulness and physiotherapy combined

Milford Community Centre. Thursdays 12.30 - 1.30

Start date : Thursday 3rd Jan - 14th Feb( seven sessions)

Payment for whole course £35

OR subscription £21 up front and then £3 per class.

St Thomas Church Hall, Lymington. Tuesday 12.30- 1.30.

Start date : tuesday 8th Jan - 12th feb. ( six sessions)

Payment for whole course £30

OR subscription £18 up front and then £3 per class.

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What is Seated Yoga? 

  • Seated yoga is designed for those who feel getting up and down from the floor is now a step too far, but still want to maintain a healthy body and mind.
  • It has a strong focus on both body and mind awareness, so in essence is a great all round work out for the whole of you!
  • Seated Yoga counters the effects of gravity by lengthening the spine, opening the posture (and chest) and moving each joint through its full range of movement. Take a look at what the research is saying.
  • As well putting the body through its paces the seated yoga class integrates aspects of meditation and mindfulness.

Who will benefit from seated yoga?

Those who are curious about how their body works.

Those who find it difficult putting their socks on in the morning.

Those who walk into a room, and can’t remember what they are looking for.

Those who have done yoga before and those who have not.

Those who play sport and those that may want to start.

Those who react rather than respond to stressful situations.

Those who find their quality of sleep poor.

Those with general or more specific aches and pains.

Those with a mismatch in their work life balance.

What benefits might you expect to gain from attending a seated yoga course?

In 2005, a retrospective study funded by the US government found that over a 19 year period those that practiced mindfulness suffered a 30 percent decrease in cardiovascular mortality and a forty nine percent decrease in cancer mortality compared with the control group. Persuasive statistics to take up mindfulness! Why not look at some more benefits that yoga and mindfulness can bring.

In 2014 research has proven how if you practice mindfulness and yoga when you are older, you will help maintain your cognitive abilities

The integrated nature of the classes I run will mean over a period of time you will become more flexible and agile, increase your core strength, develop your sense of balance, and learn to find a sense of inner stillness and calm in those stressful moments.

Who attends the seated yoga courses?

Many of those who are attracted to my classes can be suffering from chronic long term health conditions.

The list below is not endless but will give an idea of the health issues some of the people attending my classes suffer from :-

Musculoskeletal conditions, such as Arthritis, Joint replacements, Joint and muscle pain.

Neurological conditions such as MS, Stroke and Parkinson's.

Breathing Issues, such as asthma and chronic obstructive airway disease.

Cardiac conditions, High blood pressure, pacemakers etc


Early stage dementia

Working as a physiotherapist as well as a yoga teacher enables me to advise, inform and give confidence to what is possible rather that what is not, when living with any of the above conditions.