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Yoga 4 blokes who can't be bothered

Yoga 4 Blokes : Introductory Half Day Workshop

At its heart, Yoga 4 Blokes is about providing a space for men of all ages with crowbars for hamstrings to get together , and learn how to loosen up parts of the body that are in need of WD 40. 

Whilst the workshop is largely practical, my first mission is to get you to look at physical fitness/exercise from a different perspective. Just like our diet needs to be balanced and varied, so too our choice of exercise. Doing just 'omphy' exercise would be like just eating all the pies and non of the green stuff.

Once the concept of physical fitness is reframed, then it makes it more simple to see where the essence of a gentle yoga practice would fit into and benefit your current exercise regime, thats if you have one. Its important that you dont just see the yoga component as just another form of exercise or a work out.

As a stiff bloke you may have noticed an increased occurence of subtle signs, such as aches and pains especially in the morning, not sleeping so well, more tired in the evenings when you get in after work, difficulty putting your socks on, and maybe finding yourself in the bedroom having forgotten why you went in there!

My purpose is not to turn you into a yoga guru, but to give you the skills and resources to either set up your own practice at home, or to join a class local to you.

The journey you are about to embark upon will help keep you doing the things you love for longer, whether thats running, gardening, playing golf, or drinking beer. Age or perceived ability is no barrier. So are you up for it?

Education and Science

Whilst the workshop is largely practical there is a theoretical element to the course:-

  • The role played by the autonomic nervous nervous system (ANS) in physical fitness.
  • How specific breathing techniques and movements enable us tap into the function of the ANS.

  • Our movements and ability to stretch are shaped by habit. How do you break the bad habits and reshape our movements?

  • The impact of pain and injury on the way we move.

Introductory Workshop Info

Venue : St Thomas Church Hall, Lymington.

Date : Saturday 25th April

Time : 09.30 - 12.30

Cost : £25

Resources : Podcasts, and videos to get you started.

By the end of the workshop you will have learnt :-

Breathwork techniques that will enable you to stretch more effectively.

Gentle safe movements to free up the spine and breathing muscles.

Future Workshops 

Low Back, Hips and Hamstrings

Date TBC

Introductory workshop a prerequisite 

Neck , Trunk and Shoulders

Date TBC

Introductory workshop a prerequisite 

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