1-2-1 Yoga therapy combining eastern philosophy with the scrutiny of western science

Yoga 4 Stiff Blokes 

At its heart, Yoga 4 Stiff Blokes is about providing a space for men of all ages with crowbars for hamstrings to get together , and learn how to loosen up parts of the body that are in need of WD 40. 

My purpose is not to turn you into a yoga guru, but to give you the skills to take what you learn on the yoga mat into day to day activities.

The programme will help keep you doing the things you love for longer, whether thats running, gardening, playing golf, or drinking beer. Age or perceived ability is no barrier. So are you up for it?

With the breathing part of the programme we calm the nervous system.  With our nervous system calmed we can pay attention to our body awareness. This enables us to enhance a better sense of feeling. With a better sense of feeling we can identify which bits of us move and those that don't. With better knowledge of our movement and body we can bring more of a focus to the practice of stillness. In stillness we are able to let go of those areas of tension in our body. Through letting go, our muscles are able to soften and lengthen. With increased space, the body is able to move in new and  exciting ways. With practice through our daily activities these movements become the new you!

The programme is more than simply a block of six movement and yoga classes. Embedded and integral to the success of the programme is a series of thought provoking articles that will gently challenge your current thinking around the concept of fitness. It provides a roadmap for a wellbeing journey, based on a greater understanding of our physiology, and in particular the nervous system.

It requires a commitment to practise outside of class time and a commitment to make change. Just as every morning we clean our teeth, so too can we put in place other healthy habits that we just do without having to think about it, they become non negotiable. 

Up and coming classes

Thursday  14th May  - 18th June

09.00 - 10.20


You will only need to pay for the programme after the first class if you enjoy it. 

The register buttons above takes you to a Zoom registration page. You will have to add your name and email address. You will then receive a return email to acknowledge your registration and details of how to join the class on the start date. 

Closer to the time of the course starting you will receive another email with details of how to join the class, plus information on what you will need , such as cushions etc., plus links to educational material. 

After completion of the first class you will receive an invoice for the six weeks, if you have enjoyed the class simply follow the payment instructions, if not then simply cancel your registration and disregard the invoice.

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